Industrial is our core recruitment division, across the UK and Germany. We assist logistics, food and manufacturing clients with the best of the best candidate pool, to ensure our partner clients working needs are met above and beyond expectations.


Innovation, speed of response and clear and open lines of communication are key elements of Staffing Match’s own ‘brand’ of client service. The company has systems and processes in place which ensure information flows freely between itself, the client and the workforce, since clear and concise communication has an immeasurable effect on the day to day efficiencies which the company strives to achieve.

Staffing Match maintains a bold commitment to surpass all client expectations and motivates staff via a range of initiatives such as ‘Colleague of the month’, ‘Worker of the Week’, performance related bonuses and other internal events and incentives.


Our view is that a knowledgeable and highly motivated workforce has a major impact on productivity, and ultimately client satisfaction. In addition, market leading standards in compliance, training, and monitoring and evaluation ensure that the company always has its ‘finger on the pulse’ and by listening to and acting upon client feedback is able to react rapidly to any given issue.

Our source of advantage stems from the fact that the company’s servicE Is..

  • Cost Effective

    We have increased market share and achieved increased profitability by offering clients a pro-active, timely and ‘quality guaranteed’ service which provides them with the cost efficiencies they need

  • Innovative

    We invest in and maximise on technological innovation, such as the latest bio-metric finger print signing in system

  • Training Focused

    We help our candidates to get the best out of their careers and develop skilled, quality temporary workers who have been carefully selected and trained to the most exacting standards





  • Diverse

    Our diverse approach ensures that the company recruits and trains a workforce which meets clients’ needs

  • Incorporates Best Practice

    By setting industry leading benchmarks, we continue to attract top talent and provide our clients with a dynamic and efficient labour pool

  • Prioritises and Delivers Results

    We don’t just talk, we can show you hard facts about our overall business. Not many companies can shout out and say they have achieved a 99.6% industrial fulfilment success rate!


To find out more about industrial recruitment with Staffing Match, please contact us on 0203 601 8820