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Modern Slavery

Staffing Match recognises that modern slavery is a potential risk to our business, however we are aware of our obligations to ensure that any form of slavery is eradicated and removed at any point during our working journey. We are dedicated in working with all organisations that take Slavery as seriously as we do and who share our goal to reduce and eliminate this threat in the UK.

Everyone within in our business has a responsibility to ensure that human rights are protected and if any abuse is found it is reported immediately. We are proud to have strict policies and procedures in place to ensure that there is consistent monitoring of our temporary and permanent workers, to ensure we are checking for any signs of labour exploitation. consistent monitoring of our workforce for the signs of human trafficking and labour exploitation.

Staffing Match are proud members of the ALP 2017 and accredited by Gangmasters Licensing Authority and not only remain compliant against all the required standards, but we go above and beyond this to ensure that any form of slavery is acted upon and managed accordingly.

Tackling Modern Day Slavery – STRONGER TOGETHER