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Halloween at Staffing Match

This is Halloween, red and black and slimy green… aren’t you scared?

Staffing Match got all spooked up for the scary season this year!

You might have noticed across our social media channels, there have been a lot of pumpkins, ghouls and things that go bump in the night. But have you ever looked into the history of Halloween?

Most people will see Halloween as an American tradition – a chance for people to scare each other, for children to dress up and go trick-or-treating, coming home with buckets of sweets. However, historians believe Halloween actually started in Europe around 2000 years ago, when Celtic people would celebrate Samhain (the End of Harvest and start of the darker half of the year). During this time, it was believed that the boundaries between our world and the other world thinned, meaning ghoulies would easily come into this world.

The ancient Celtics would wear costumes in hope it would ward off ghosts and evil spirits, as well as offering food, drink and portions of crops to ward away the evil spirits. It wasn’t all evil, though – it was believed relatives and loved ones who had passed away would come and visit, where they would be welcomed with a warming fire and a place at the dinner table.

The first Jack-o-Lanterns (or carved pumpkins) were made from hollowed out turnips or field beets, carved with terrifying facies, and were used to either represent or ward off evil spirits. It was seen to represent a soul that was denied from both heaven and hell. These traditions have continued throughout the years, with more being added as years go by. The more you know!

Our branches made the most of the scary holiday, too – have a look at some of our frighteningly good costumes! Which one is your favourite?

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