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Warehouse jobs are just the beginning…

What comes to mind when you think of a warehouse job? For a lot of people, they imagine a temporary job to fill a gap until they find their future career. They imagine a dead-end job which they will never progress in. For some, that is the perfect job for them. However, here at Staffing Match, warehouse jobs are just the beginning of the journey to a whole new career.

Those of you who are local to Leicester (and even some of you who aren’t!) have most likely heard of Samworth Brothers, or at least some of their delicious brands, Soreen and Ginsters. Well known for their delectable food, many aspire to work at the Samworth Brothers business, and most assume it is too difficult to do so.

Staffing Match have proudly worked alongside Samworth Brothers since 2016. We offer long-term, temporary to permanent positions, where the sky is the limit. You may start off as a warehouse worker, but with the help of our sister company Training Match, you will be able to progress further in your career than you ever thought possible. Perfect for those looking for some stability in their life, working for Samworth Brothers via Staffing Match provides you with an astonishing amount of benefits.

We spoke to one of our drivers who work for us at Samworth Brothers, who told us that Staffing Match are “one of the best agencies I’ve worked for” and “you’ll never work for a better agency”. He “thoroughly enjoys” working for Staffing Match at Samworth Brothers, and that we “are always there, we help out and make sure they’re happy.”

We aim to keep both our clients and our candidates happy, and firmly believe that this is the key to keeping our relationship with Samworth Brothers strong over the past 5 years.

With our training programmes that are offered to all staff, your warehouse job could open you up to a whole new world of opportunity. Staffing Match take pride in training our candidates across multiple courses, including apprenticeships, to ensure that they are able to progress and evolve in their chosen career path. We offer regular worker engagement initiatives to ensure you are working at an enjoyable workplace, great worker benefits such as counselling and Perkbox, and accurate and on time payment, working at Samworth Brothers with Staffing Match is the perfect way to start your new career.

If you’d like to work for an incredible, well known company, in a long term position that you will progress in, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

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