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How to choose a recruiter – 5 things to consider

When carrying out a job search and looking for a new role, working with a specialist recruiter can provide you with many advantages. Perhaps the most important benefit though is gaining access to the kind of role that will match your skills to the best opportunity while also ensuring that the organisation or job is the right fit for you personally. Working with a reputable recruiting firm that has the reach and connections to help you find the best jobs and also has your best interests at heart will be more successful than sending everyone your CV and hoping for the best. But how do you know what agency is right for you?

5 things to consider when choosing a recruiter

1. Getting to know you

Good recruiters will want to meet you – in-person or virtually – to discuss in detail the types of roles you’re looking for and above all to gain an in-depth understanding of your background, experience and skills. This will enable them to put you forward for job openings that are relevant to you. They will keep in touch with you regularly, informing you of suitable opportunities as and when they arise, matching you to roles they deem to be a good fit. Be wary of the less scrupulous recruitment consultants who just want to get hold of your CV without having taken the time to meet you in person or talk to you properly on the phone.

2. Specialist industry knowledge

Does your recruiter have established and experienced teams working with companies in your sector across the UK? You must do your homework here, so check out the company’s website and see how long they’ve been working in the sector. Having expert teams means that they will be far better placed to help you with your job search as they will have strong links with companies hiring for skills like yours. Often, specialist consultants will have previously worked in the industry, so they can relate to your requirements and preferences.

3. Guiding you through the process

Having discussed your aspirations with you, experienced recruiters will prepare you meticulously for any eventual interview. They will help you to polish your CV and cover letters, as well as providing you with all the background information about the role and organisation. Remember they will have had meetings with the hiring manager and visited the company’s premises, so will relay any information back to you about the culture and working environment, plus any tips to help you get the job. Alarm bells should ring if the recruiter doesn’t tell you what to expect at an interview or in the next stage of the application process.

4. Post-interview feedback

Following the discussions you’ve had, they will typically send your CV off to their client(s) and hopefully you’ll secure an interview! Any reputable recruiter will also provide you with feedback from the hiring manager. This is important as it will help you at the next stage or for another interview should you have not made it through this time. You should never feel rejected – it’s all part of the learning curve. If you do get a job offer, your recruiter will also be able to advise on salary and contract negotiations.

5. Building a lasting relationship

Whether helping you find a job or providing advice, don’t forget a specialist, reputable recruiter will be there to support you throughout your career. A good recruiter will keep in touch to make sure for example that you’ve settled into your new job and will be on hand at all stages of your professional journey – inevitably you may seek new job opportunities in the future. As much as they will want to work with you, you will want to work with them. And as the relationship develops, so too will trust.

Partner with the right specialist recruiter

Companies today are looking for talented people like you. Working with a specialist recruiter that has a strong background and established history in your industry sector can help you find those elusive permanent or temporary opportunities – connecting you with the organisations and jobs that are right for you.

You can rely on Staffing Match to help you every step of the way. Our recruitment consultants know their sectors inside out, so whether you’re looking for your next Industrial, Aviation or Driving job anywhere in the UK, you’re in the best hands. We can also provide bespoke training solutions to help you develop new or update existing skills to further boost your employability.

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