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Why a career in warehousing has great potential

You might have a preconceived idea that a warehousing job could be considered a temporary, short-term assignment. Think again. Working in warehousing offers a wide range of many different specialist roles within warehousing and logistics, enabling you to build a fantastic portfolio of knowledge. If you’re looking for a career with great scope for progress and a fast track route into junior management and beyond, you should take a close look at warehousing.

From warehouse operatives to warehouse managers or administrators, from dispatchers to forklift drivers, whether on the floor or in the back office, a career in warehousing offers a varied day to day role that is key to the movement and storage of goods. Not only is the work satisfying, no day is the same. As well as the physical fitness side, you should be a strong team player with excellent communication skills. Warehousing jobs also require a good knowledge and grasp of technology, as everything is now digitally operated.

Warehousing is an integral part of logistics and supply chain management. There are so many factors involved in ensuring that the operation runs smoothly, from complex inventory management systems to ensuring that everything comes in and goes out on time. No matter what your role, everything you do has an impact on the efficient running of the show. Working in a warehouse, albeit time and deadline pressured, can be a lot of fun too!

Reasons to pick a career in warehousing

So why consider warehousing as a career option? There are several reasons we’d like to highlight:

– Career opportunities – in whatever role you start, you can really develop your skills and forge a successful career path. Demonstrate your talent and skills and you can work your way up to becoming a warehouse manager and beyond. Even though you may start out in a one particular job, there are many different career avenues open to you.

– Training and development – as soon as you walk through the door, you’ll be picking up many new skills, which will mean ongoing training in areas such as health and safety. If you opt to work in administration, you’ll learn about billing and leasing. Or you could be analysing data as a logistics engineer or deciding to get your forklift (FLT) driver’s licence. If you prove yourself, the opportunities can be vast.

– Diversity and teamwork – one of the joys of working in a warehouse, which makes the job so enjoyable, is that you’re working as part of a team, with every role interlinked. Everyone knows each other so you get to meet people from different backgrounds, each person playing a key part in the success of the team operation. Job satisfaction is high in warehousing roles, so if you enjoy working with others this could be a perfect career for you.

– Competitive rates of pay – let’s not forget the financial benefits of working in a warehouse! As well as good hourly rates and bonuses, you’ll be able to earn yourself extra money by taking on more shifts should you wish to, so you’ll always have the possibility to top up your income. You’ll also enjoy standard employment benefits, such as sick pay and paid holidays.

Typically, you’ll start on the warehouse floor as a ‘picker packer’ and work your way up through the ranks. You’ll need to enjoy being active as some of the roles require lifting, loading and moving goods. But that’s another advantage of this type of role, which means that you’re not stuck behind a desk and your keeping fit while working, ideal for those who prefer to be active.

Crucially, you’ll be developing important business and technical knowledge as well as honing those all-important soft skills, such as communication, collaboration and problem solving.

Not only does warehousing and logistics offer a wide range of entry level roles with the possibility to train and develop into a warehouse manager position, warehousing jobs are integral to the functioning of the economic supply chain. And with so much buying and selling now being done online, the demand for warehousing jobs in the UK will continue to grow – with that comes a higher level of job security, especially in the uncertain pandemic times which we live in today.

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